Corporate Profile 

CPM is a fully integrated real estate management firm, employing highly trained and skilled professionals dedicated to providing its clients with the finest level of support and satisfaction found within the industry. Our pragmatic approach stems from our ownership experience as hands-on operators of various real estate asset types. CPM owns and manages assets on its own behalf as well as providing a full range of services for third parties as described herein. CPM owns and/or manages rural garden style, mid-rise suburban, and high rise urban residential communities and commercial spaces. We specialize in a focused, boutique approach where each management assignment is meaningful and important. CPM’s goal is to grow strategically and provide the highest quality service levels in order to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Our culture is fundamental to our success. At CPM, our focus is our people in this “people” business. We actively invest in our number one resource, which is our team.  We encourage every one of our associates to continue to learn and develop their business skills and real estate knowledge by providing training, mentoring, and opportunities for professional advancement. Our commitment to providing each team member with a strong sense of contribution enables us to attract and retain top talent in each of the markets we serve.

Superior Service

CPM provides high-quality, affordable housing and superior customer service to hard–working families and seniors.  Additionally, our team members reflect the communities that we serve.  In fact, many of our team members live in the same communities they serve, which provides a high level of commitment that drives superior service.  Furthermore, we ensure our high-quality of service through training, coaching, feedback, and resources such as secret shopper reports and resident surveys that provide valuable insight, and are utilized by our industry professionals to maintain us on a continuous path of improvement.  This outstanding service has allowed our portfolio to consistently increase its occupied units.  



CPM uses the most innovative and efficient software and management tracking tools. Our innovation allows us to easily manage and track your valuable resources. We provide efficiency that translates into real cost savings for the clients we serve. Each of our clients benefit from our sharing of innovation and resources.



CPM‘s diverse executive management team reflects the diverse communities we serve. This cultural and racial diversity allows us to better communicate and understand the needs of our customers.  It promotes camaraderie and collaboration with the community residents and the managers of the properties we provide services in. This facilitates communication and as result significantly improves the level of operations.

Employee of Choice

Our careful use of pre-employment assessments and the interview process allows CPM to attract mission-oriented team members who are dedicated to making our communities a wonderful place to call home. When a team member begins with CPM, they enter a comprehensive onboarding program that establishes a strong relationship between their immediate supervisors, sets clear goals, and provides resources and support.  The onboarding has led to increased team member satisfaction, lower turnover, and quicker performance outcomes for new employees.